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GlobeMed Launches the New Mobile App GlobeMed FIT with Advanced and Unique Features

GlobeMed, the leading Third Party Administrator in the MENA region, launched a new mobile application, GlobeMed FIT, with unique and personalized features covering insurance, health, fitness and nutrition. The app is free to download for the public and the insured members of the risk carriers working with GlobeMed, on Android and IOS.

GlobeMed FIT, as a unique health advisor and self-service tool in health insurance, brings the functions of four applications into one. The app allows the users to manage their health insurance from filling and tracking reimbursement, chronic medications, and prior approval requests to viewing their health insurance benefits, financial limitations and much more, all from the comfort of their homes.

Insured members can also locate the nearest healthcare providers and retrieve their contact details, working hours, and services. As a health advisor, GlobeMed FIT supports users to reach their goals and achieve results, by generating daily fitness and nutritional goals. It allows to monitor their daily calorie intake and retrieve their food nutritional values of local and international meals. The app also tracks the users daily physical activities and calculates the number of consumed calories. Using the app, users can track their daily health metrics, set pill reminders, and check drug compatibility with the age and gender. GlobeMed FIT unique features are now available at the fingertip of every user, anytime and anywhere.

GlobeMed FIT, another outstanding offering added to GlobeMed’s platform of services and solutions offered to the health insurance sector. Everyone is invited to discover the unique features of GlobeMed FIT http://bit.do/globemedfit.